German is the native language of nearly 90 million people. If you do, or intend to do business in the German speaking world, one thing which will impress your clients is your ability, or that of your employees, to communicate with them in German. Ein bisschen Deutsch, or even fließend Deutsch, could be the first step to a long and fruitful business relationship.

Two more reasons for learning German: When it comes to being promoted or obtaining a new job, your knowledge of German could be the factor which tips the scales in your favour.

Should you already be located in Germany, I can assist you in improving your German, thus empowering you to participate fully in all aspects of life in Germany.

The above are just three situations where a knowledge of German can be advantageous. Whatever your specific requirements, I can arrange a training course to suit you, with the possibility to sit a recognized exam if required. Please contact me for more information.



I offer English courses for both companies and individuals. A wide spectrum is covered, from English for executives to English for legal assistants to English for leisure and pleasure. No matter what your requirement, whether you are facing new challenges, you need to give a presentation in English or you have working relations with English speaking organizations, I can help you.


Other Languages

Please contact me if you require a course in an other language. Thanks to my network of partners I can find an appropriate trainer and solution for your needs.